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Adi Abramov is a talented individual who blends the worlds of industrial design and mechanical engineering. A graduate B.Des degree from Shenkar, a school for engineering and design in Tel Aviv. specialized in ergonomics, facial features, and clothing design with a focus on the human head during his studies. Parallel to his design expertise, Adi also possesses in-depth knowledge of mechanics and aviation from his practical engineering background. This combination allows him to approach every design process with a keen eye for both functionality and aesthetics, ensuring optimal efficiency.

Adi's exceptional works has garnered international recognition, with his designs being showcased in esteemed exhibitions in France, Paris and Germany,Dusseldorf. Furthermore, his designs have achieved top honors in prestigious awards, a testament to his innovative and meticulous approach.

  • FIT Sport Design 2024 Winner 3 Awards (Rayzor)
  • SILMO d’Or Paris 2023 Finalist (Rayzor)
  • Green Product Award 2023 Winner (Unfoldable)
  • SILMO d’Or Paris 2022 Winner (Unfoldable)

FIT Sport Design Awards
Mivision - the ophthalmic journal
Intramuros - the design magazine
Eyebizz - optics

DOC 234—34/2

DEUS:   018/786521—81
REX-13: 786-4586254/179
The project offers an innovative solution for soccer players through the use of augmented reality technology embedded in sports glasses. The glasses are intended for use while playing and offer amateur players professional accompaniment from a virtual coach, real-time game analysis, and error detection. All of these features are designed to provide an advanced and professional gaming experience, even during training.
The design proposal is based on the analysis of the anatomical structure of the face, where the glasses rest on the cheekbones and allow smooth breathing in the nose area. The goggles were designed without an upper frame to maintain the ability to hit the ball and ensure durability during physical collisions during play.

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